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Repeat Prescriptions

There are 2 practices in Bellevue Medical Centre, the information below is relevant for Annandale Medical Practice only.

All prescriptions can be ordered from and sent to a pharmacy of your choice please make it clear where you would like your prescription to be sent – we strongly recommend checking your pharmacy opening times as many are only open at selected times.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

If you are a new patient and require your repeat medication please order this via the portal that you signed up to when you registered or by email to The Doctor may have to contact you before this can be issued.

Prescriptions are ready for collection 48 hours (2 Working days) after ordering, please check with your chosen pharmacy how long turn around is for them to dispense your medication.

Please use one of the following methods to order your repeat medication. 

1. Online Patient Services Portal 

If you are not already registered for the patient portal we will accept prescription requests via email to during these exceptional times.

If you are not already registered, please ask at reception for a registration form. This option will allow you to track what you have ordered, will provide a list of the items that you already have on repeat medication and in the very near future will allow you to make and cancel appointments online. 

2. Re-Order Slip

Please tick the items you require on the re-order slip which was issued with your last prescription. Please allow two working days for your prescription to be processed.  

3. By Post

Post your re-order slip to us. You may enclose a stamped addressed envelope for us to return the prescription to you or you may collect the prescription in person at the surgery. Please ensure you tick the items you require. Allow up to 7 days for the return of your prescription.

4. Pharmacy Order

Some pharmacies will order your repeat medication on your behalf, however, this requires prior agreement with the pharmacy – please contact your local pharmacy to see if they offer this service.

5. In Person

We have prescription order forms in the practice that you can complete and hand in at the reception desk.

All correspondence sent by patients using the e-mail/web page forms are held securely and in confidence once received by the practice, however, the transmission of your message via the Internet may not be secure before receipt. By sending the practice an email you consent to the practice receiving e-mails from you and are aware that the practice can not be responsible for the security of your email until it reaches us. Unfortunately for confidential and legal reasons, we are unable to respond to emails.

Delivery by Local Chemist

Some local chemists operate a system where they collect repeat prescriptions from our surgery on your behalf and some arrange delivery to your home. If you have made such an arrangement with your chemist, please let us know so we can update your record. You must arrange this service with your chemist, however, once this has been arranged and you have made us aware, each time you request medication it will go straight to the chemist that you have this agreement with. Please click here to see pharmacies local to our practice.

Prescriptions for the Contraceptive Pill and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patients on the combined pill must have their BP checked annually and those on HRT must have their blood pressure checked six-monthly before a prescription can be issued. This is because of the small but clinically significant risk of increased blood pressure that can occur in some people. Appointments can be made with the practice nurse for this.